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boodo is a muse, an inspiring imaginary friend...

The boodo collection was born out of a love for design and fine textile materials, and a strong need to channel the energy and passion I feel during the creative process so that it continues to inspire and excite others after it leaves my studio.

My main inspiration for the collection comes from structure and movement, and the organic internal shapes of the human body and nature as a whole.

I feel great excitement every time I rediscover the fascinating transformation from two-dimensional materials to three-dimensional forms. boodo gives me the opportunity to keep witnessing this transformation – and each time, I feel as though it’s my first.

Designed for beauty and function

Each boodo product is carefully designed and created to meet both aesthetic and functional needs. By leaning on a philosophy of minimalism in materials and working techniques, I am able to refine a morphological idea into a tangible creation.

Combining material and composition

All boodo products are made in Israel out of 100% pure natural merino wool felt or genuine leather, and using innovative cutting techniques. I believe that the creation of a luxurious product requires a combination of premium materials and exceptional composition – and it is my job to bring the two together seamlessly.

The boodo collection was exhibited at leading international trade shows including Milan Design Week, Ambiente Frankfurt, Tel Aviv Fresh Paint Art Fair, and Brazil Design Biennale.

I hope that a spark of the excitement I feel during my creative process will live on in the different spaces where my products find themselves.


Tamar Nix


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